Bug triaging and version info

I’ve been doing a bug triage for Debian’s openoffice.org package for the last 3 weeks (3 more weeks to go). One of the important result I’m trying to achieve is get info about which bugs are still relevant, and to which version. It seems to me that our users (and some of our developers) don’t know how important is the version info, and how to use it.

People report (or update) bug without mentioning which version they use, and if they do, it isn’t recorded in the BTS due to not using the proper pseudo header.

So before doing the bug triage I went through most of OO.org bugs, to add them with the right version info. As most of these versions don’t exist in Debian any more (not even in Sarge), I’m sad to see users not updating their bug reports. Especially people who complain about the program crashing on startup, as it easy to notice when the “bug” doesn’t occur any more. I don’t expect users to update their bug reports on every new version of the package, but at least on major updates.

An annoying example is closing bugs without the version info, especially when it closed in unstable, but still relevant for testing and stable users. From the opposite direction, finding out that a bug closed in the version in stable, means it’s not relevant any more for the testing and unstable flavors.

For these reasons, I’ve been doing quit a few re-closing of bugs, in order to add version info. I’m fine with having to “clean up” after users, which I don’t expect to master the BTS options, but I do expect DDs to know this issue. I hoped Steinar‘s “BTS versioning explained” series would remind DDs to use versioning info.

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