3rd (and last) reminder for the OO.org bug triage

Today, with the slogan “Please help the Debian oo.org team to help you”, I’ve sent the 3rd (and final) reminder to bug submitters which have bugs against open office in versions older than 2.0.0.

In the last month, 22 bugs were reproduced with newer versions of open office, and 49 bugs were closed as fixed or not relevant any more.

By mid August all the remaining will be closed as the submitter didn’t respond to 3 pings during a period of 6 weeks, and the bug is reported to an ancient version of open office.

When version 2.2.x will propagate to testing, I’ll do another triage get updates for the rest of the bugs.


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3 responses to “3rd (and last) reminder for the OO.org bug triage

  1. I got at least two of those pings. Since the emails only mentioned a 6 digit bug number but didn’t contain the original bug description nor a hyperlink to the bug report, they went under my lazyness threshold and I decided to ignore them. Sorry.

  2. liorkaplan

    The mails contained a link to the bug report itself. You probably missed that.

    It’s your choice whether to ignore them or not, but why do you want other people to take care of the reported bugs, if you don’t care about them yourself?

  3. You’re right, the link is there. I must’ve missed it somehow.

    I never said I want other people to take care of bugs I don’t care about any more. I understand you have too many bugs and cannot investigate all of them. I apologize for not having enough stamina to help you with the triage. Burnout sucks 😦

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