reporting binNMU unsafe packages

As the rate of previously reported bugs being closed started to increase, I’ve done another round of filing bug reports against binNMU unsafe package.

Each round takes (relatively) a lot of time, as I invest time to create patches to each bug report, in order to make the maintainers’ life easier. This also probably affects the rate of applying the patches.

With recent uploads any-depends-any check got only one package left, that’s until #432959 will be uploaded. So I finished reporting bugs against packages which appear on the any-depends-all check. And got lazy half way trough the all-depends-any check.

That is total of 18 bugs/patches created. Not bad for 2 hours work… (:

As I usertag the bug reports, you can follow the status quite easily. Help is welcome…

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Filed under Debian GNU/Linux, QA stuff

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