bug triage – the end

During the last 6 weeks I’ve been working on the debian bug triage, targeting 166 old bugs reported against versions lower than 2.0.0.

Today, I’ve closed all the remaining bugs without response from the submitter to the 3 pings sent.

During the process, 50% of the bugs were found to still be relevant for recent versions of or to be already fixed by them.

For those interested, the final statistics are:

24 bug reproduced.
61 bugs closed as fixed / not relevant any more
81 bugs closed due to lack of submitter response.

So the bug count decreased from around 500 to around 350. So I hope this will help to team to focus on the remaining bugs.

As 350 bug is still a lot, I intend to repeat the process when version 2.2.1 will enter testing.


If any other teams think they need help with bug triage – you’re welcome to contact me.


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2 responses to “ bug triage – the end

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  2. Cool! Thanks for helping!

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