Bug triaging on various packages

In the end of the my last post, I’ve offered to package maintainers who need help with bug triaging to contact me. While no mails arrived, I decided to take a more active approach.

Baruch Even referred me to “Status of Maintainer’s packages, ports and bugs“, from which I could find quite easily the maintainers who have a lot of bugs. After a few manual processing and checks, an offer of help mail was sent to the maintainers of openssh, cvs, grub, cupsys, apt, dpkg, bind9, postfix, util-linux, file, xmms, wine, xorg, xorg-server, xterm, iceweasel, aptitude and emacs21.

Although only a few answered the mail, I think I got enough “work” to do. I’ve agreed about the goals for a bug triage for aptitude and ice{weasl,dove,ape} with their maintainers.

I’m pleased with the openoffice.org triage method I used, although I got some comments and suggestions from people which I’d like to apply. I’ll try to use some of Ana Guerrero’s scripts for this end.

Wish my luck (:

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