Firefox bug triage

Today, I started doing the Firefox bug triage. A request to reproduce or close bugs was sent to 324 bugs’ owners. Most of the bugs were reported against Firefox version 1.5 (or lower).

As some people responded quite quickly, about 10 bugs were closed and another 10 were reproduced (or confirmed to still be relevant). The latter got reassigned to Iceweasel for further handling by the maintainer.

I hope people will continue to be responsive…

If someone wishes to follow this triage, simply look at the Firefox bugs list.


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3 responses to “Firefox bug triage

  1. zwol

    If you’re going to do this sort of thing, please have the courtesy to attempt to reproduce the bugs yourself before bothering the submitters. (See thread on debian-devel.)

  2. liorkaplan

    Well, when pinging about 300+ bugs, I can’t (in a reasonable time) check each of the bugs specifically. As the reports are old, and unmaintained (e.g. reported against an old version, and a package which isn’t a part of debian), I don’t see any problem with mass pinging.

    Don’t forget that you know the specifics of your reports, while I need to invest more time in reading, understanding the problem and reproducing it, you can jump to the last part and just reproduce it.

    For those interested, the relevant thread on -devel is here:

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