Triaging bugs – continued

While the Firefox/Iceweasel triage is in progress, and it is going quite well with about 1/3 of the bugs already being handled (most of them still exist), I started a triage for the cvs package.

As cvs has “only” 145 bugs, I could apply some of the suggestions people offered (mostly by complaining on -devel) . I started with doing a quick maintenance for the bugs, verifying some easy ones, merging similar reports and even found one already fixed. Another side of this was to add the missing version info for some bugs.

Note for DDs: Don’t forget to add version info when reassigning a bug.

The bugs were chosen based on version info, and everything reported to a version older than 1:1.12.13-1 will be pinged. I must admit I wasn’t sure about how to approach a few 1 to 9 years old bugs, mostly feeling ashamed we (as a project) still haven’t fixed/answered them by now.

The next target for triage is aptitude, which should be a more difficult triage as it has 450 open bugs. I don’t know when I’ll start it, probably depends on how well will the ongoing triages will end.


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2 responses to “Triaging bugs – continued

  1. Lunar

    Well… If you want to help the Debian Installer team to sort out its 2900+ bugs, you are *more* than welcome! 🙂

  2. liorkaplan

    I’ll gladly help. But it will take me something to finish the ongoing triages.

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