Status of the CVS bug triage

The CVS bug triage was started two and a half weeks ago. Considering the time frame, it’s going great.

I started with 145 open bugs, and 3 forwarded to upstream (which doesn’t keep track of old bugs, AFAIK). And now only 53 (about 1/3) of the bugs still wait for confirmation about their status. During the triage, 38 bugs were closed and around 50 bugs were verified to still be relevant.

All these numbers means that CVS has 57 bugs which are pending and verified to occur in the latest version. At least 10 of them can be solved quite easily as they have patch or an explanation good enough to be considered as a patch. The rest should probably require more work from the maintainers and upstream.

During the triage, a lot of work was invested in reproducing bugs when the submitters said they can’t do that themselves anymore (not using CVS or not using Debian). Another bunch of of bugs got better tags (mostly patch tag) and up-to-date version info to ease the maintainers’ future work on the package.

The bugs waiting for verification bugs were user tagged so they can be followed easily. Help with those is always welcome.

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