Lazarus and fpc in Debian

A friend involved in the Lazarus and Free Pascal Compiler projects told me that they maintain a private repository for their packages. And .deb files for newer versions for Lazarus and fpc are available on

It’s funny to read the Lazarus Ubuntu repository while Ubuntu is using the Debian packages through the Universe section. And as far as I noticed these are the same packages. Anyway, I don’t think ignoring Debian gives us motivation regarding these packages (at least to myself as I’m not involved with these packages).

It seems there’s a good will by Carlos Laviola, the fpc package maintainer and Mazen Neifer from to build the new version for Debian. I think that working tighter may result in better packages for the project.

Looking at the Mazen’s changelog reveals that the new version closes 3 bug reports in Debian. But without releasing the source package (or at least the diff.gz file), we can’t really see all the changes done by you. From the changelog, I can also see the private packages don’t use changes done in Debian. Meaning they probably have some bugs already fixed in Debian. I see both people are members of the repository, so what is the problem?

It seems to me that a win-win situation is in our grasp with a little effort which will result in better packages for the fpc community.


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2 responses to “Lazarus and fpc in Debian

  1. Lazarus User

    Amm, Actually I did some research, and it seems that FPC 2.2.0 still not in experimental on Debian. altough it is out almost two months ! I’ve seen some programs that where released afther that date, and are at the experimental repository.

    The bug you placed on your blog dated to September, I guess he still at work…

    The funny part is, that the packages of FPC and Lazarus are based on the original settings of the Debian developer. And the Debian based packages contain more then one bug that does not exists on the vendor packages… I think that Debian does not take this two projects too seriously or something

  2. liorkaplan

    Quoting :
    September 10, 2007 The Free Pascal Compiler team is pleased to announce the release of FPC 2.2.0!

    Quoting :
    Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 02:23:04 -0300
    I’m on it. Expect packages shortly.

    Seems quick enough. Although another message says he had problems with the packages… that’s why I mentioned the need for tight cooperation.

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