tar.bz2 sources in debian

Reading Raphael’s Misc development news (#2), I thought I can now upload packages with orig.tar.bz2 sources. Dak quickly replied an error, and the ftp-masters verified that this feature isn’t available (yet).

So, for people like me, who didn’t read the text carefully or comprehended it wrongly, the new feature refers to the comprssion of the .deb file itself and not the the one of the upstream tarball.

I just wonder when will it be possible to upload .orig.tar.bz2 files to the archive, as it will save me repackaging some of my upstream tarballs…


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3 responses to “tar.bz2 sources in debian

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  2. Olaf van der Spek

    Since most apps do support gunzip, wouldn’t it be nice if gunzip was patched or replaced by a script that could detect the format and automatically use bunzip2 if necessary?

  3. lord rel

    GNU Tar has added lzma support in the alpha version.

    I read that lzma decompresses faster then bz2 but compresses slower at http://tukaani.org/lzma/benchmarks

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