bug triage

Lior: “My name is Lior, and it has been 6 months since my last bug triage.”

Support group: “we love you Lior…”

While I was thinking of doing another bug triage for version 2.2.1, version 2.3.1 had already entered testing. Meaning the versions in testing/unstable are very similar. This also means users can easily test a fairly recent version of without running unstable…

So, I’m glad to announce the beginning of (my) 2nd bug triage. This triage targets 285 bugs out of 330 open bugs. The selected bug are ones which were reported against versions lower the 2.3.1 or have no version information at all.

The goal of the triage isn’t to close as much bugs as possible, but to get all the bugs updated with recent version. Hoping “not relevant any more” will be the answer for most pings. Last time about 1/3 of the bugs were reported as already fixed / not relevant any more.

For those of you who will get one of my pings, please don’t forget to send you current version info.

I know some of you don’t necessary agree with this method for closing bugs, as it allegedly puts the burden of testing and updating bug information on the users/reporter than upstream.

While I partially agree, I don’t see how can teams with so much bugs can handle all the bugs themselves without having someone doing a full time job on this issue (any volunteers ?).

People wish to review the progress of the triage (or even help…) can check the triage bugs list.


Seems I was too slow with this triage, version 2.4.0~rc1 is already in unstable…

p.s. 2

It’s been only 4 moths since my last triage…


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5 responses to “ bug triage

  1. you can count me in 🙂

  2. Tim Richardson

    If I mark a bug
    found NNN Version: 2.4.0RC1~2 #ie the current sid version

    this should update the bug, right?
    I ask because I was also going through old OOo bugs to make some contribution, and I did this to one old bug, but you sent mail to the original reporter anyway asking if it was still a current bug.

  3. Lior Kaplan

    The right syntax is “found NNN 1:2.4.0~rc1-2”.

    I use “rmadison” (rmadison comes from the devscripts package) to get the relevant version numbers.

    If you’ll write the bug number, I could see why I sent the mail after your update.

    Any way – thanks for your help (:

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