The 2nd Debian bug triage

In 24 hours 21% of the triage is already done due to an amazing responsiveness from Debian’s users.

From the total of 285 bugs targeted by the triage, 35 were closed and 27 were reproduced. Another 20 bugs are in my processing queue.

With today’s result the total bug count for in Debian crossed the 300 outstanding bugs mark. I hope to lower it to the area of 200 by the end of this triage.

I must say most users were very happy to see their bugs’ get some attention, and some were really happy to see their bug was already fixed. I got a few mails with very warm words about the triage, in debian and the project in general.

Getting this feedback from users is one of the things that motivates me to keep and contribute to Debian in general, and to do bug triages in particular.

One issue I noticed is that some of our users don’t know how to close bug reports. While it’s more important they’ll know how to report bugs than how to close them, it’s a good idea to refer them to “Closing bug reports” on Developers’ information regarding the bug processing system.


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