Israeli government stops l10n funds

Quoting an announcement by Jonathan Ben Avraham from Tk Open Systems Ltd to the Israeli malling list:

The Hebrew OpenOffice project at will close for an indefinite recess at the end of February 2008.

As of this date I do not have any further information regarding the possible resumption of the project. A senior figure in the MoF has recently indicated an interest in continuing MoF support but that approval for funding, if at all, might take several months.

During the last year there was an effort to push many bug fixes to upstream. Fixes not accepted upstream appeared in the a releases made by Tk Open Systems Ltd at

I was very sorry to read Jonathan’s announcement as I enjoy the results of the l10n project on a daily basis. I hope to see the government decide to continue the support to make sure an alternative to proprietary software exists, and hopefully making it a de facto standard in Israel in the future.


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5 responses to “Israeli government stops l10n funds

  1. OpenOffice isn’t the way people should write documents.

    People should really write documents in HTML.

    Funding should go into creating a HTML GUI. Though I quite like markdown and wikitext and so do many thousands of others.

    I’ll be visiting Tel Aviv soon. 😉

  2. Lior Kaplan

    HTML isn’t reach enough for all documents.

    The funds went to localization to Hebrew. Mostly fixing RTL bugs.

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  4. Moti

    I use open office 2.2 for hebrew but it drive me crasy. not only the dots jumps to the beginning of the lines and stays there when going to the next line, but when typing numbers of english carachter or words in the between is a nightmere and has to use a special line away from the hebrew text to solve the proble.

    The woirsw come when i try to correct a misspelled word or eenter a word between thext’ then the cursor jum to the previous line or somwhere else on the document or sometimes the whole line disapear and I have to type ctrl Z to restore it/

    This make the document 10 times harder to create.

    I wanted to download the 2.4 version but i am not sure if it support hebrew and whether these problems were solved.

    Anyone has an answer or a solution to these problems wil be helpful to let me know by my email.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Lior Kaplan

    You can use 2.3.1 from which has extra hebrew support (done by tk open systems) or wait for 2.4.1 from (which includes the fix for issue #86811).

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