Ubuntu and the lack of Thunderbird Hebrew localization

Almost a year ago Ubuntu uploaded thunderbird-locales for Thunderbird As the Hebrew localization wasn’t ready then, they dropped the hebrew l10n package & files.

During the last year Mozilla released more localizations for Thunderbird, but it doesn’t seem Ubuntu updated their package since the initial upload. In the same period Debian (thanks to Daniel Baumann) has added 5 more languages (some are unofficial localizations), including Hebrew.

The Israeli Mozilla team is quite annoyed by Ubuntu users which (rightfully) want a “native” support for Hebrew as opposed to installing the xpi file themselves. Same for users which upgrade from feisty to newer versions and discover the support isn’t available any more.

Officially, the bug report is open for 3 weeks. But like Tomer, I do too remember an older report about this issue. I do hope to see the issue solved, as I’m (as a member of the debian-hebrew team) also getting questions about the package.

So, Ubuntu people – please help us get the long waited Hebrew localization for Thunderbird…


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8 responses to “Ubuntu and the lack of Thunderbird Hebrew localization

  1. You must mean “the lack of thunderbird Hebrew localization”.

  2. hi lior, first time at your blog 🙂

  3. Lior Kaplan

    I would prefer it to be lake of Hebrew localization, but sadly that’s not the case. I’ll try to solved the lack of it.

    Thanks for the typo fix…

  4. Thanks for raising this topic. We are really looking forward for distributions to be more open for localizations. Right now every distributions has its own laws, and sometimes there are mistakes that take months to fix, even when the answer is known and can be fixed in just few minutes.

    And for the Ubuntu Israel people – They are aware about this issue, but probably don’t know to talk to the right people.

  5. Ely

    You missed the freeze you need to wait until next release.
    I don’t see what so weird about that?
    If Israeli thunderbird care about it so much, they should release
    the localization on time with the rest of the release. You can’t expect distributions to start adding packages after release.
    Maybe you should make a repository for it or ask them to add it to contrib.

  6. Lior Kaplan

    Eli – The translation was release with a few months ago, I beleive it could have still been fixed before the freeze (I admit I’m not familiar with Ubuntu’s freeze schedule).

    Anyway, I saw Alexander Sack marked the bug for 8.04, so I’m optemistic…

  7. Ely – Yes, we have missed the 2.0 release because of some open issues, but did created the package right after that, less than one month later. I strongly believe that if some Ubuntu users need a package – the distribution leaders should be responsible to them and make sure the package is available for them asap.

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