I’m not going to DebConf 8

After 3 years in a row, I’ll miss DebConf this year. Seems that I shouldn’t have filled the reimbrusment form too late in the night, as I mixed the the “unable to pay” amount with “able to pay”. That’s a 1500 USD difference…

Flights across the planet (Israel -> Europe -> South America) are expensive. Further more, their costs went up, meaning that even if I got the all the reimbursement I asked for, I would still need to add money (which is a bit of a problem as I’m looking for a job).

I hope I could virtually attend the conference thought the lectures’ video streams, but that can’t be compared to actually attend the conference.

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One response to “I’m not going to DebConf 8

  1. The funny thing is that I did the *exact* same thing and also came up 1500 USD short and also end up not going.

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