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Problem reading DVDs burnt in Linux

I’ve tried to create a data DVD to backup some files. I’ve used K3B as always to write the DVD, and the process finished OK. The weird part started when I tried to read the DVD on the same machine I created it.

I got an error from mount about a wrong file system (the mount has iso9660). Checking dmesg, I found these errors:

Aug 9 01:03:24 desktop kernel: [ 2581.266854] attempt to access beyond end of device
Aug 9 01:03:24 desktop kernel: [ 2581.266854] hdc: rw=0, want=68, limit=4
Aug 9 01:03:24 desktop kernel: [ 2581.266854] isofs_fill_super: bread failed, dev=hdc, iso_blknum=16, block=16

I’ve tried to burn a few more DVD with differest option at K3B, but nothing helps. The funny (or not, depends on your point of view) is that windows and Mac OS X read the DVDs without a problem.

Searching the web, I encountred mostly with hardware problems. I’d be happy to get an advise… I’m guessing the DVD isn’t the problem as the write process went fine.


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