Is building packages like riding a bicycle ?

It has been 3 months since the last time I handeled a debian package. I got a few days of, and want to return to care about my packages (some got new bugs, others have new upstream versions).

I found it a bit weird to return to handle the packges, felt a bit rusty at the begining. It took me about an hour to remember everything I need. I started with my php-doc packages, which had her last upload about a year and a half ago.

Grabbing the new source from CVS is easy enough, but starting to track all the changes took some time. It seems that the PHP Documentation Group have (finally) chnaged the license (bye bye OPL) to CC-BY v3.0. It took me some time to figure if that’s a DFSG compatible license, but since the CC-SA v3.0 is good enough, so should the CC-BY be.

The package build system has also changed, and I still need to learn it. They decided to stop using autoconf/make to configure/build the package, and create something of their own.

All of this takes a lot of time, but I feel that most of it comes back quite quickly. I just need to start doing packages in order to have everything return… just like riding a bicycle (:


I’m verry amused about using the bicycle analogy, since I don’t know how to ride them. Hope people won’t say that about my packges…


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2 responses to “Is building packages like riding a bicycle ?

  1. Tommi Vainikainen

    Let’s hope that Debian’s website gets also licensed soon with some DFSG compliant terms (currently OPL)…

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