During the organization of August Penguin 2008, I got in contact with Kaltura, an Israeli startup which works on open source video platform under the GPL.

I didn’t investigate the technical level in depth, but I know they now work on making video really easy on many of the popular CMS: Mediawiki & WordPress, and coming soon are Drupal & Joomla.

Version 1.1 of their wordpress plugin was just released, and they are looking for feedback. Some of the plugin capabilities:

  • Upload, and import videos directly to the blog post;
  • Edit and remix videos using Kaltura‚Äôs online full-featured video editor;
  • Easily import video and other forms of rich-media from other sites and social networks, and;
  • Allow readers and subscribers to add video and audio comments, and to participate in collaborative videos (I welcome your video comments to this post).

Here are some useful links for those who want to get involved:

If you decide to test the plugin, Please let me know…

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