CTRL+A in OpenOffice.org Impress doesn’t behave as expected

I don’t have any reasonable explanation why does CTRL+A in Impress is mapped to the Open window (same as file-> open). I was a bit surprised to get that windows while trying to select all the text.

I’d be happy to hear the real reason for this.


It seems that I’m not the only one wondering about this issue.


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6 responses to “CTRL+A in OpenOffice.org Impress doesn’t behave as expected

  1. I was once surprised to see KWord Ctrl+R pop up ‘Replace text’ instead of right-aligning text!

  2. The OOo version (v2.4.1-15 14-12-2008) included in Debian Lenny works fine for me. Impress is selecting all text if I press CTRL+A.

  3. Abrir is Open in Spanish, Do you have some I18n mixed configurations?

  4. Pavel Janík

    What language? Have a look at



  5. Lior Kaplan

    I’m working with version 3.0 from debian unstable, only added Hebrew support.
    Pavel – I don’t have that file.

  6. works fine with OO 3.0m9 on fedora.
    {my laptop with my beloved Debian unstable was stolen a few weeks ago so i can not verify that on Debian, for now 😉 }

    although i have other issues i recently reported.
    + try to right click a link to change it…
    + right-clicking between slides to insert a new (or from clipboard) slide.

    i use ONLY OO and Open-Source software for some long time (years), now. so please consider my next remark as a tiny disappointment and nothing more then that, since we are all in a process for making this (and other) application a better one.

    “some times i can not believe humans actually used this suite to produce documents.” nadavkav @ end of 2008.

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