Open Content Awarness

My relation to open source and free software made me aware of the license issues not only on software but also on content. Debian thoughts about the GFDL where one of the first issues I encountered, and also the use Wikipedia does with that license.

Today, I try to make all my writings open content with the GFDL or with Creative Commons. I started with changing the license of all my guides to GFDL and asking other to so in one of my websites: This is much more noticeable in my university where I send my papers with CC, mention the quotes from wikipedia are under GFDL and so on, while most people don’t even think about licensing their works.

This year I had the opportunity to lecture one of my classes about open source and free software in information science and open content is very related phenomenon with a lot of ties to open source.

Talking about open content and universities – it’s a shame not all content created with public funding is required to be released as public domain or open content…

Anyway – go and open your content. Make it available to evryone.


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3 responses to “Open Content Awarness

  1. Lior , If only things wore so simple .
    As you may know im one of the people behind that place holds dozens off lectures , homeworks and more most of them are done by me and released under GFDL.

    The biggest problem is the Acdemy :
    While in normal life product you produced (written) is actually yours , this is isn’t the case with Universities and Colleges.

    Many use that all that is stored on it servers belong to them , or any academic work belong to them.
    I didn’t have an opertunity to test that theorem but im not willing to test it.

  2. This is very apropos of the blog post I wrote last night (syndicated on Planet Ubuntu):

    Basically, I think there are many of us in the Open Source world and we should try to make the applications we all use support us in our endeavor to use/promote Open Content Licenses. Specific example in my blog post is F-Spot.

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