Working for Free? – Motivations of Participating in Open Source Projects

I’ve been asked to summarize an article by Alexander Hars & Shaosong Ou about motivations of participating in open source projects written in 2000 for a psychology course. It was very interested to see how many things can motivate one to invest in open source.

Although none of the motivators was new to me, I still found the article very interesting. In fact, during the presentation of the article to the class I added my point of view and the reasons I participate in open source. I realized that, although not intentionally, I enjoyed every motivator mentioned in the article, except “selling related products and services”.

It would be quite interesting to have this article done again, as the open source world became bigger and has more payed people working on free software. Any volunteers ?


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5 responses to “Working for Free? – Motivations of Participating in Open Source Projects

  1. Am I the only one unable to read the linked PDF document? In Evince I can read only the first page of the document.

  2. Lior Kaplan

    You’re right. Link was updated.

  3. Now it works. Thank you for replacing the link.

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