RTL related issues fixed in openoffice.org 3.1

Openoffice.org Ninja already covered some of the new RTL features with openoffice.org 3.1, mainly RTL enabled controls (#30631). But following the bugzilla issues, it seems that version 3.1 also includes fixes for more RTL related issues. Here is a list of some of the issues I encountered:

  1. Columns reversed when pasting RTL spreadsheet into Writer (#77853).
  2. directionality lost when exporting a presentation to html (#16295).
  3. RTL Chart: Bi-directional writing in charts (#14365).
  4. Numbers / digits following RTL should be treated as CTL (#89825).
  5. WW8: re-import moves position of RTL numbering out of right border (#97023).
  6. WW8: centered rtl table moves to the left on import from MSword (#28656).

I’d like to thank everyone envolved with the fixes of these issues.


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5 responses to “RTL related issues fixed in openoffice.org 3.1

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  2. Joost Andrae

    there are even more RTL related fixes and features that have been done/implemented into 3.1

    The following page was my working document to collect things that were needed to internationalize OpenOffice.org to allow an Arabic version. Indeed some of the bugfixes and features were useful for other CTL based localizations


  3. Hello.
    As you know text direction in Persian language is RTL too. Therefor I’ve created a wiki on OO.o site to gather Persian issues at:

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