“Get Openoffice.org” icon on a new laptop

I recently saw a new bought Toshiba laptop. While the laptop had Vista installed, and also the Microsoft Office 2007 trail eddition, it had an icon named “Get Openoffice.org”.

I guess they didn’t just install Openoffice.org due to some limitaion from Microsoft (I’m just speculating), but still – putting such an icon isn’t common (at least with the laptops I’m seeing).

I hope more and more hardware manufactuers will install free software by defualt.


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5 responses to ““Get Openoffice.org” icon on a new laptop

  1. I think it comes bundled with Sun’s Java VM. I guess it doesn’t hurt that nobody bothers to remove it, maybe the users will click on it after the Office 2007 trial stops working (or they get tired of its interface) 😉

  2. I know Java has OO.org info, but I don’t know any icon it puts on the desktop.

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  4. Joe

    No need to invoke MS shenanigans, it probably just means that someone in Toshiba’s legal department is paying attention.

    As I understand it, if you distribute OOo as installable software, then you are legally obligated under OOo’s license to also provide the source code. It’s much easier to just send people to openoffice.org to get the software, and avoid any obligations.

  5. Fitoschido

    In Mexico are netbooks with OpenOffice preinstalled 😉

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