congratulations to the Hebrew wikipedia for having 100,000 entries

On January 10th the Hebrew wikipedia got its 100,000th entry. The event will be celebrated on the coming weekend by a members meeting.

This achievement is quite remarkable for a language with less than 10 million speakers, from which about 3.5 million are native speakers (data taken from the Hebrew wikipedia).


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4 responses to “congratulations to the Hebrew wikipedia for having 100,000 entries

  1. The thing is not the amount of entries, but rather the content in them and the accuracy they hold in.

    Many of the Hebrew entries are very short entries and not filling the basic information required to really understand the subjects without prior knowledge.

  2. I agree there are a lot of stub, but I’m not sure Hebrew have (relatively) more stubs than wikipedias in other languages.

    I do believe that reading a stub might cause one to add to it, rather than not finding an entry and writing one instead.

    And of course, you’re welcome to suggest yet another “quality attack” along the few ones already done by wkipedians.

  3. Lior I added two entries that still exists after 4-5 years in Wikipedia in Hebrew.

    But when I tried to add/edit existed stub page, rather then talk about it, they just revert it back to the original content, even though it was more complete and proper that what was written there, so I prefer not to add any content to Wikipedia at all.

    Unlike some of the attacks on Wikipedia mine arrives else where. I do not think it is open enough for contribution and not good enough for general use when they ignore comments in the “talk” tab.

  4. KB

    What I do like about Hebrew wikipedia is that it has lots of articles in Hebrew with no English equivalent, in particular many important Rabbis are covered only in Hebrew.

    (Though one can argue about whether this *should* be the case, or whether English wikipedia really should consider a topic important simply by virtue of the fact that it’s of importance to Hebrew speakers and therefore appears in the Hebrew wikipedia.)

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