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Taking the rust of my debian packaging skills

It’s been a long time since my last upload to the archive. Actually more than a year and a half. This weekend I tried to get back to packaging, hoping to catch up with some of the needed work. The beginning was very weird, forcing me to review the developer references, the policy and the new maintainer guide for information I already forgot.

After a few hours of hacking, it feltĀ  like I wasn’t MIA at all. After 72 hours, I quite happy with the results:

  • catching up with gphpedit’s last snapshot (Feb. 2010) which helps with the removal of libgtkhtml2.
  • fixing a FTBFS with hdate-applet due to missing build dependency.
  • catching up with efax-gtk upstream.
  • upload of a new php-doc package which fixes two FTBFS.

Another issue I started and not sure how to continue is finding programs who lost their bidi support due to the last upgrade of libfribidi-dev. In the last version (0.19.x), the fribidi-config utility was dropped by upstream and pkg-config should be used instead. The problem is that programs which build against libfribidi-dev, look for fribidi-config and FTBFS (see #571351) or ignore it’s disappearance and stop providing bidi support (see #582784).


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Wikimania 2011 in Israel

The jury has announced that Wikimania 2011, the 7th annual Wikimedia Conference will be held in Haifa, Israel.

See you next year (:


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