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SpaceFun is really fun!

With today regular update from unstable an update to desktop-base package has brought the SpaceFun theme to Debian. This change made my feel like a child with a new shiny toy (: Take you Valessio Brito for this theme… it looks great.


As Raphaƫl mentioned, help is needed to integrated the rest of the theme to other packages.

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Linus fixes a sound bug ?

Well, kinda. Just follow the comments on this bug report regarding a sound problem in Fedora 14.

A user reported about not being able to get mp3 play smoothly and a few other confirmed the issue with Fedora 14. Tests pointed at the kernel or sound driver. A user (Michael Young) and the Linus him self proved this wrong. and Michael found out it caused by a “feature” in glibc. From there Linus provided a work around till the glibc guys will fix the issue (and as for now they claim it’s not a bug).

I’m sure the user who opened the bug reported didn’t expect this whole chain of events… it’s quite amazing.


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