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Oracle Open Office 3.3 Vs. 3.3

The H Open Source have announced that Oracle have released it’s Oracle Open Office 3.3. I was very happy to see that title on my RSS feeder, and checked to see that version 3.2.1 is still the main version, and that RC8 is on its way. Then I read the whole item on the H, to learn it not only me (hence I could stop trying to clear my browser cache).

I do think having Oracle’s support for is a good thing, as a lot of organizations are looking to buy support from a big company. But this doesn’t justify what is going here with this press release by Oracle which make me, as an member, feel like a there is some kind of a ripoff going on. How can they release an enterprise product before the “community” version is final? Is there anything Oracle or its developers aren’t telling us? I can’t prove anything, but this really looks ugly.

Many people, including myself, have invested a lot of time and effort in the coming 3.3 release. I believe that Oracle should treat the community better and should think how to motivate the individuals in it instead of demotivating them which things like this. In cases like this, I’m happy the project was fork into LibreOffice by the The Document Foundation.


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Oracle PDF Import Extension 1.0.4 is here

Today, Oracle have uploaded version 1.0.4 of its PDF Import Extension to the extension repository. The repository have had version 1.0.1 for the last year under Sun’s branding. The extension is the 3rd most popular in the extension repository with just over 3,000,000 downloads in 2010. An improvised changelog would be issues #90800, #106853, #109406 and #110871.

The major change for me is the addition of Hebrew support (and probably other RTL languages). With the new version, Hebrew is imported correctly and not in a reversed order. The Hebrew support was done by Tk Open Systems which sent the original patch, later to be improved by Philipp Lohmann from Oracle (see #90800 for more info). More work is still needed (see #115184), but this version is a big step forward.

After doing some QA and checks for Philipp’s code fixes back in October, it’s nice to see the results released and to have others enjoy them.


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