Oracle Open Office 3.3 Vs. 3.3

The H Open Source have announced that Oracle have released it’s Oracle Open Office 3.3. I was very happy to see that title on my RSS feeder, and checked to see that version 3.2.1 is still the main version, and that RC8 is on its way. Then I read the whole item on the H, to learn it not only me (hence I could stop trying to clear my browser cache).

I do think having Oracle’s support for is a good thing, as a lot of organizations are looking to buy support from a big company. But this doesn’t justify what is going here with this press release by Oracle which make me, as an member, feel like a there is some kind of a ripoff going on. How can they release an enterprise product before the “community” version is final? Is there anything Oracle or its developers aren’t telling us? I can’t prove anything, but this really looks ugly.

Many people, including myself, have invested a lot of time and effort in the coming 3.3 release. I believe that Oracle should treat the community better and should think how to motivate the individuals in it instead of demotivating them which things like this. In cases like this, I’m happy the project was fork into LibreOffice by the The Document Foundation.


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15 responses to “Oracle Open Office 3.3 Vs. 3.3

  1. Howard

    Why are you wondering? As long as the people nominate one showstopper after another, there cannot be a release. So, stop it and you will see the final version. Pretty easy, isn’t it? 😉

    And don’t forget: Not Oracle has made the rule how stoppers have to be treated, it was decided together with the community.

    • Don

      Unfortunately you are just discoving the real Oracle. Their unspoken tag line is You have been assimilited. Resistance is Futile. We are the Big Red Machine.

  2. tv

    Well, there is always LibreOffice… Maybe now more people will understand why the document foundation was created. Oracle is putting Ooo on a leash and will use it to lure potential customers to it’s “enhanced” Oracle versions, with a nice price tag and closed-source “add-ons”.
    Good bye OpenOffice, it’s been very nice meeting you and we had a great time, but now let’s be libre.

  3. Oldie

    I hope Oracle will see it’s a mistake, but would not bet on it. LibreOffice has a heavy burden to lift, as most of FOSS lovers will default to it.

    • Philippe

      It’s funny to see that since Oracle bought Sun, the same behavior is frowned upon. Sun has already done that. Yes, it’s a little bit strange. But Oracle OpenOffice has patches (not OOo) and it’s an advantage for : the decision is made in a different way. For Oracle Open Office, it’s the responsability of Oracle.

  4. Lance Ito

    Welcome to the real world.
    What did you think about a company that invests money in the America’s cup?
    Please stop doing work to help Oracle’s paying customers.

  5. stellarium

    Congratulations! You have given a lot of time and efforts to a private software. Now, calm down and stop being a fool. They’ve stolen you and the community, that’s all.

  6. Well, I think OOO will have same bugs than OOo. Oracle will do as Sun with StarOffice and release a sub version like 3.3u1 when OOo 3.3 will be available in stable version.

  7. az

    So orac open java 7 will show before community editoion too?
    trust is important!

  8. Uri Shabtay

    Oracle is doing what everyone quite expected it to do. Now it’s only a matter of time ’till the devs. will move on entirely to LibreOffice, while i believe that development will be even faster from there on.

    The Document Foundation predicted it wisely, and your efforts (as well as other community members) will be reassigned back to the community, only in Libre’s hands.

  9. Espinosa

    Just another biased blog 😦

    So all the moaning just because Oracle released RC7 as Oracle Office 3.3 but community OOo is still labelled as RC8? Rename it locally as 3.3 if you are so obsessed with labels. Linux distributions regularly “upgrades” OOo version in advance if the final OOo version is not ready at the time of distribution major release. They have their release plans, Oracle has its own.

    > I do think having Oracle’s support for

    SUN/Oracle DEVELOPS OOo in first place. That should be stressed. In the measurement made by Michael Meeks in 2008 SUN was responsible for 80% of new code. Rest were other big companies, namely Novell. Community, not affiliated developers, like it or not, carries minimal share of development.

    > I believe that Oracle … motivate the individuals

    Well he does, he pays the developers 😉 That is a great motivation.

    > I’m happy the project was fork into LibreOffice

    Forks rarely do any good to *user* community. And that is mine community.

    Linux kernel, Apache, Mozilla Firefox – they did/do well because they stayed united; they gain measurable market share, industry impact. Linux sucks on desktops with barely measurable percentage because there mad number of forks and no unity.

    SUN/Oracle is not only selling OOo. There is Novell Office (sold as part of SUSE) and that Novell is behind Go-OO/LibreOffice. There is IBM with Symphony, 602 Software, Chinese RedOffice with their massively redefined OOo UI. All try the same – make some money of invested effort. Oracle make most effort hence he tries perhaps hardest.

    BTW Oracle’s enterprise enhancement are still not worth it

    > lot of organizations are looking to buy support from a big company

    Hmm, name some. All OOo installations in commercial sphere I saw were only free OOo versions. Big companies have great deals with Microsoft and they usually get MSO very cheap, because they have to buy other stuff from MS anyway, difficult to compete here; and smaller companies if they opt for OOo that only because it is free.

    What OOo desperately needs is more developers. I mean full time dedicated core developers, not past time hobbyists. It is the biggest OSS ever. It got a fragment of developers of Linux kernel and yet its codebase is twice of the kernel size (source: Fragmenting OOo development barely increase the workforce in any of the now 2 branches 😦

    Espinosa (speaking as OOo user)

    This article and comments makes me wonder how LibreOffice PR excels and Oracles PR sucks.

  10. Mahendra Gandhi

    Upgraded OOO 3.3 version & Internet Explorer 9. After doing that OOO always crashes. Can anyone give a solution.

    • isn’t supported any more. I suggest trying LibreOffice 3.3.x or even 3.4.x (they keep releasing maintenance versions, that’s why I wrote x at the end).

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