LibreOffice Conference 2011

The first LibreOffice conference is approaching (12th-15th of October), and I’m very excited about it. I recently sent a talk proposal for RTL issues in LibreOffice.

I guess that most of the developer aren’t aware from personal experience to the RTL issues. And I hope that with this talk I could make them think some more about RTL when they code LibreOffice.

If the talk will be accepted, most of my example are going to be from Hebrew. I’ll be very happy to get help from Arabic speakers so I could show some more issues and examples. If there are other languages that want to join – let me know.


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5 responses to “LibreOffice Conference 2011

  1. I can help you in regard Arabic. Just email me. I hope when the conference comes I can attend.

  2. Anon


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