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The Mozilla Inn

Hello planet Mozilla. For my first post appearing in the planet I’d like to write about a recent community aspect I experienced, the rest will probably be more technical.

While we have some great volunteers participating in Mozilla, there’s aren’t any Mozilla representatives in Israel. To be exact, there are a few Israeli that do work for Mozilla (and I think they work from within Israel), but we don’t feel them in the local free software community.

I was very surprised to see 5 people from Mozilla attending Wikimania 2011, but this is of course a good surprise. I would have excepted to see representatives in a free software conference, but we still haven’t had any international free software conference in Israel (maybe some day I could bring Debconf here).

A week later I had another representative arriving for a free software conference I organized called August Penguin. This is the first time having someone arriving from abroad just for the local conference.

For me, a free software user and contributor, Mozilla is mostly a software project. Meeting the various representatives gave me the chance to know some of the other sides of the organization and its activities. For me that was really interesting and I think that it would be positive to do many of the activities also in Israel.

Besides the interest in the organization, I had the chance to host some of the representatives by showing them around, providing a place to crash at and making sure they stay after the conferences would be as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Reflecting back, my place would probably could be the Moziila Inn as I had 3 people from Mozilla as guests in one week (on separate days). For me that was fulfilling the community side of the term “free software community”, as we’re not only a technical community. Others might even call this an outreach program (a term I heard from all 3 guess in various contexts), but I’m still not sure who is outreaching to whom (:

So if you happen to work on Mozilla stuff, and arriving Israel, drop me a note…


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Talk proposal accepted to LibreOffice Conference 2011

A month ago I sent a talk proposal for the LibreOffice conference regarding “RTL issues in LibreOffice”. Today I got the response:

Thank you for your paper submission to the LibreOffice Conference.
We are happy to inform you that your proposal has been accepted.

Cool¬† – but now the hard part begins with preparing the talk itself… and making sure people who are used to left to right languages would also understand and take something productive out of it.

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Happy birthday Linux

Well, it seem that 20 year really flies by when you’re having fun (:

I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones. ¬†This has been brewing since april, and is starting to get ready.

Linus Torvalds, 25 August 1991 on comp.os.minix (original message)

20th Anniversary of Linux T-shirt by Kim Blanche

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FireGPG is an extension that provides GPG encryption and decryption options for Firefox. It was discontinued a year ago, and didn’t support Firefox 4.0 due to changes it introduced.

I was happy to see that the source is still available ,and also maintained enough to have a easy option to build the extension manually. For Firefox 5.0 just download the code and use the script to build an xpi file, then install it as usual. The Firefox 5.0 support got version number 0.8.5. I’m thinking about repackaging it to Debian, as it was removed from Debian testing/unstable (version 0.8 is available for squeeze).

Thanks bit for the maintenance work and Aaron C. de Bruyn for making sure the single repository holds these changes.


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