FireGPG is an extension that provides GPG encryption and decryption options for Firefox. It was discontinued a year ago, and didn’t support Firefox 4.0 due to changes it introduced.

I was happy to see that the source is still available ,and also maintained enough to have a easy option to build the extension manually. For Firefox 5.0 just download the code and use the script to build an xpi file, then install it as usual. The Firefox 5.0 support got version number 0.8.5. I’m thinking about repackaging it to Debian, as it was removed from Debian testing/unstable (version 0.8 is available for squeeze).

Thanks bit for the maintenance work and Aaron C. de Bruyn for making sure the single repository holds these changes.


Filed under Debian GNU/Linux, Free software applications, Mozilla

2 responses to “FireGPG

  1. Füürfuchs

    Did you repacking it?

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