Visit to the Mozilla Europe office in Paris

I’m in Paris for the LibreOffice conference, but today after a random talk with a guy that had a Mozilla badge/pin, I found myself in a tour to the Mozilla Europe office (which is also in Paris). Thank you random guy David for the tour (:

The office itself looks very nice, and reminds me of the work space of many software companies. But the unique part of the tour was David pointing to people and telling us what they are working on. It’s interesting to see the people behind the sciences, although we didn’t talk with them in order not to disturb the work.

I remember most when we David pointed to a guy and said he’s the one doing composer. Maybe because it’s very clear what he doesn’t, while some people work on more internal parts or more conceptual concepts like “performance”.

After seeing some cool posters on the wall, I got a chance for a short chat with Tristan Nitot and ask him some questions about Mozilla Europe and the office. I’m still trying to understand how Mozilla works (as an organization), and this was a good chance to get familiar with the European branch.

For me, the highlight of the tour was the chance to say to the people at the office “thanks for the software” just before leaving and saying goodbye. Not in everyday you get a chance to see the faces behind the software you use daily.


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3 responses to “Visit to the Mozilla Europe office in Paris

  1. Paul Rouget

    Hey, it was good to see you! Next time, feel free to ask more questions 🙂

  2. +1, it’s been a pleasure to see you!

    I’m sorry I was in the middle of a painful bug yesterday, I hope we’ll have an opportunity to talk a bit more about document engineering next time. Keep up the good work with LibreOffice! 🙂

  3. It’s a shame that most Mozillians doesn’t have such opportunities to meet other Mozillians in such coincidences… ☺

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