LibreOffice Conference 2011

I’ve recently been to the LibreOffice Conference 2011 in Paris. It’s very nice to finally meet in person all those “names” from the malinglist and the bug reports. Although meeting most people for the first time, I left the conference with a strong feeling of a community (which I’m proud to be a member of), this is a very motivating feeling.

During the conference I had the chance to work on LibreOffice related issues:

  • Hebrew translation for version 3.5 (up by 2%).
  • Fixes to the Hebrew translation for version 3.4 (noticed a few string changes in 3.3 not included in 3.4).
  • Patch to fix a small typo in the code (noticed while trying to find the meaning of the string before translating).
  • Patch to fix the appearance of the BrOffice logo in RTL UI instead of LibreOffice (fix to the 3.3 branch, already fixed in 3.4).
  • 3 patches (1, 2, 3) to cleanup unused “.chaos” file types with Michael Meeks‘s encouragement and help with doing some digging in the code.
    Apparently, even non programmers can write patches with the appropriate help.
  • Check about 30 RTL and Hebrew related bug reports for my RTL issues presentation, verifying them with 3.4.3.

The 3 patches began when I noticed a few weird strings to translate in the context of installation media – good luck to those who will try to install LibreOffice from 5.25″ disk, 3.5″ disk or a tape drive. These 3 strings are now removed from the code with other 36 unused strings. So translators – please take the strings to translate with a grain of salt.

Post conference tasks (always ending up with more stuff to do after a conference):

  • Recreate my RTL issues presentation so that the live example of bugs could be presented as slides.
  • Keep advancing with the Hebrew translation (3.5 and 3.4 fixes).
  • Finish the fdo bugzilla search for RTL bugs. I found out some other people who reports bugs (and try to coordinate with them).
    A list of RTL related bugs in LibreOffice I know of is here:עברית_בליברה_אופיס (still work in progress, in Hebrew).
  • Create a meta bug for the RTL bugs, and prioritize the issues to focus on what’s important to make sure is fixed for version 3.5.
  • Start testing version 3.5 for RTL bugs (daily / weekly builds).
  • Help Christoph Noack with finding which PaperCuts we have in LibreOffice and try to get them fixed.

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