LibreOffice conference 2012 (day 1)

Most of the day before the conference, and the conference morning spent working and finalizing my RTL status presentation. My apologies to the lecturers whose lectures I attend only physically (sorry, I can’t split my attention too well).

To my disappointment I had very few attendees in the talk, but I can understand the competition, as the other parallel talks were quite interesting. In at least one of them I wished to attend my self (if I could only be in two places in the same time…). Maybe next year we should have less parallel talks (4 tacks is a lot).

To still push some of the RTL issues, I’ve done a private talk over RTL issues for Caolan and Jan (kendy), which was interesting with some feedback. Jan took fdo#44657 on himself, and by the evening he showed me a great improvement in the status of things, so at least there’s horizontal scrolling in Calc with RTL interface.

With the help of Rene, I got master builds for Debian, and would spend the rest of the conference to check some bugs with it.

During the evening dinner and social event I wanted to thank Miklos personally for really improving the RTF support for RTL and Hebrew documents, and he showed me a few of the new stuff he’d done in master/3.7. While working I’ve noticed a few regressions, and I’m glad they were caught early.

Cedric told me that after last years talk, he started to check his features also in RTL interface, which for me was the best feedback on my efforts. Having developers keeping RTL in mind (even only nce in a while) saves a lot of trouble along the road. I would prefer to check and double check features while they’re being created instead of trying to get bugs fixed later on the release process.

Another thing which I enjoyed noticing is the “fresh blood” the GSoC project brings to LibreOffice. I’ve met with Miklos and Eilidh and got impressed with how a successful internship was used as a springboard into a good job. As there almost aren’t any Israelis who take part in GSoC, I’m not used to notice the effect closely.

The event dinner and mingling was very successful for me, I’ve got a chance to talk with old friends and meet some of the new attendees (and even get some technical work done by talking with people)… Thanks again for the organizational team.


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3 responses to “LibreOffice conference 2012 (day 1)

  1. Ralph Aichinger

    Thanks for your work on LO!

    If you’ve got master builds, would you make them publically accessible, e.g. for bug testing? I would love to have Debian master builds. Tried to install the rpm ones, but failed.

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