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The license says you can use free and open source software for any reason, but the FBI wouldn’t agree with your questions… Silk Road operator identified by asking a PHP related question on stackoverflow.

See “The Bonehead Mistake That Brought Down an Online Drug-Dealing Empire” on


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3 responses to “freedom 0

  1. So theoretically DPR could have seen the answer on StackOverflow, use the code and add attribution to frosty. Not much of an evidence.

  2. Lev

    What does this have to do with “Freedom 0”?

    PHP license does not have that line (I believe it is from GPL), and in any case, would someone actually expect a software license to supersede government law?

    (Well, maybe Microsoft and Apple :p)

    Still, I sincerely hope they had better evidence than that for the arrest warrant, otherwise it sounds like the U.S. is a pretty scary place to live.

    But the sad thing is, that once again authorities claim victory without catching any real criminals.

    Even if this guy did run “Silk road”, he wasn’t the one actually selling the drugs or other illegal stuff there.
    Those folks are still free and probably have more than one alternative option to sell their stuff.

    • Yes, freedom 0 is from the GPL and not the PHP license. And I was mentioning it, to show that while any use is OK license wise, law authorities doesn’t like some uses (with or without criminal intent behind them).

      According to other articles, he was caught ordering a murder, but they used this mistake to identify him.

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