My name is Lior Kaplan, and I’m involved with free software and the community around it.

My main contribution is done for the Debian GNU/Linux project, as I’m a Debian Developer. Since I’m a member of the free software community, I often find my self involved with other projects as well.

I’ve opened this blog, as to make my thoughts and work visible to others. As my mother tongue is Hebrew, most of my blog are written in Hebrew at http://kaplanopensource.wordpress.com/ (previous one is at http://linmagazine.co.il/blog/18)

I’ve available at kaplanlior AT gmail.com or kaplan AT debian.org, if you have something to say to me…

6 responses to “About

  1. Guy Burstein


    Do you have a twitter account?


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  4. Tim

    Hi Lior. Thanks for all the great Debian work, really appreciated in my corner of the world. LibreOffice sounds a great move and your quick posts on teh topic will help give it momentum.
    You have “cetegories” as the subheading for your category links.


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