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Public money? Public Code!

An open letter published today to the EU government says:

Why is software created using taxpayers’ money not released as Free Software?
We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and Open Source Software licence. If it is public money, it should be public code as well.

Code paid by the people should be available to the people!

See for the campaign details.

This makes me think of starting an Israeli version…

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freedom 0

The license says you can use free and open source software for any reason, but the FBI wouldn’t agree with your questions… Silk Road operator identified by asking a PHP related question on stackoverflow.

See “The Bonehead Mistake That Brought Down an Online Drug-Dealing Empire” on


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Hello free PHP JSON extension

I’ve noticed that my post from three months ago (“Bye bye non-free PHP JSON extension“) was quoted quite often (thanks (: ). But I also noticed that most people didn’t read the post fully, and didn’t see the replacement package.

Hopefully the title of this post will correct that impression. I’d like to indicate the existence of the php5-json package. It’s part of Debian unstable since June 2013 and testing (jessie) since August 2013.

Users who wish to build the free extension on their own are welcome to download it from PECL at . It’s a good chance to thank Remi Collet for his work on this replacement. I’m happy that the main Linux distributions have already adopted it.

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Resources for building an RSS feed

If you want to build an RSS feed for your website, and you’re not sure what is the exact syntax you can use these resources:

Good luck (:


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Defeating SSL In Practice

NetSec has published a very interesting presentation about Defeating SSL In Practice from the blackhat confenrece.

I found that a very interesting reading. It also got me thinking about our software indicators.


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Problem reading DVDs burnt in Linux

I’ve tried to create a data DVD to backup some files. I’ve used K3B as always to write the DVD, and the process finished OK. The weird part started when I tried to read the DVD on the same machine I created it.

I got an error from mount about a wrong file system (the mount has iso9660). Checking dmesg, I found these errors:

Aug 9 01:03:24 desktop kernel: [ 2581.266854] attempt to access beyond end of device
Aug 9 01:03:24 desktop kernel: [ 2581.266854] hdc: rw=0, want=68, limit=4
Aug 9 01:03:24 desktop kernel: [ 2581.266854] isofs_fill_super: bread failed, dev=hdc, iso_blknum=16, block=16

I’ve tried to burn a few more DVD with differest option at K3B, but nothing helps. The funny (or not, depends on your point of view) is that windows and Mac OS X read the DVDs without a problem.

Searching the web, I encountred mostly with hardware problems. I’d be happy to get an advise… I’m guessing the DVD isn’t the problem as the write process went fine.


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August Penguin 2008

In the last two months I’ve been less active regarding free software as life keep me busy with other stuff. Nerver the less I’ve been able to help with orginizing August Penguin – the annual Israeli free software conference (happening the 7th time in a row).

The conference takes half a day and occurs on the first Friday of August. This year we’re back to a two track conference with a tehcnical and non-technical tracks. Each track has 5 lectures, 30 min. each.

Non technical track:

Technical Track:

This year with also have ISOC-IL, Microsoft (yes, you’re reading correctly) and Sun as sponsors (and a few smaller companies). Cool to have the “big boys” helping.

As I found out more and more open source people from around the world in Israel, I thought it will be a good idea to write about the conference and invite them. Please be aware that the lectures are in Hebrew. But you can also come to meet the community and talk with the people or take part in our GPG signing party. More info (in Hebrew) at and in Facebook’s event info.

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