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Mozilla Israel stand @ August Penguin 2009

As part of August Penguin 2009, Mozilla Israel members Tomer Cohen and Tsahi Asher had a stand for promoting Firefox, web standards and other free software from Mozilla.

Mozilla Israel stand @ August Penguin 2009

Mozilla Israel stand @ August Penguin 2009

The stand was crowded during most of the conference with people coming to talk or ask questions. The visitors enjoyed getting Firefox stickers/pins and web standards bracelets thanks to a shipment of the giveaways from abroad.

The party hats were used to make the August Penguin key signing party to look like a party (:

August Penguin Key Signing Party

August Penguin 2009 Key Party

I’ll be happy to see more support for the local Israeli chapter of other projects, so we could have more stands like that in the next August Penguin.

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August Penguin 2008

In the last two months I’ve been less active regarding free software as life keep me busy with other stuff. Nerver the less I’ve been able to help with orginizing August Penguin – the annual Israeli free software conference (happening the 7th time in a row).

The conference takes half a day and occurs on the first Friday of August. This year we’re back to a two track conference with a tehcnical and non-technical tracks. Each track has 5 lectures, 30 min. each.

Non technical track:

Technical Track:

This year with also have ISOC-IL, Microsoft (yes, you’re reading correctly) and Sun as sponsors (and a few smaller companies). Cool to have the “big boys” helping.

As I found out more and more open source people from around the world in Israel, I thought it will be a good idea to write about the conference and invite them. Please be aware that the lectures are in Hebrew. But you can also come to meet the community and talk with the people or take part in our GPG signing party. More info (in Hebrew) at http://august.penguin.org.il and in Facebook’s event info.

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I’m not going to DebConf 8

After 3 years in a row, I’ll miss DebConf this year. Seems that I shouldn’t have filled the reimbrusment form too late in the night, as I mixed the the “unable to pay” amount with “able to pay”. That’s a 1500 USD difference…

Flights across the planet (Israel -> Europe -> South America) are expensive. Further more, their costs went up, meaning that even if I got the all the reimbursement I asked for, I would still need to add money (which is a bit of a problem as I’m looking for a job).

I hope I could virtually attend the conference thought the lectures’ video streams, but that can’t be compared to actually attend the conference.

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