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How to describe free software involvement in a CV?

I’ve started to write an updated version of my CV. This is the first version which should mention my involvement in free software, and I’m not sure what exactly to write.

As I don’t know who would be the next employer, I don’t know how many term I can I is actually understandable. I could write I’m a Debian Developer. But how do people understand that? I added I do package building and maintenance. But I’m not sure a lot of people also understand that.

I’m also not sure how to describe involvement in project, like openoffice.org, which I’m not officially a member. Although I have a lot of interest in this project, and I invest time on Hebrew related bugs, I don’t think I can write much more that “a community member”. Remember this is a CV and I don’t think I can put a few passages to describe my work in each project.

The last thing I’m not sure about is how to mention integration work done based on experience. Most of them are too small to be mentioned by themselves, but I have a lot of them and that would be a waste not to mention them at all.

I’ll be happy to get examples from other people who had to deal with the same problem. Thanks.


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