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To separate or not to separate (the file systems)?

I have to handle some machines of commercial places which has a different standards about thier installations. The main difference is about creating a lot of file system instread of the normal few familiar in most distributions (/, /usr, /var, /tmp, /home).

While they create a FS for each product installed on the machine (a habit taken from UNIX when they didn’t have any meaning of installation other than copying files), they also separate the variale files (e.g. logs or other very active files) of each product.

I’m trying to change these standards to be more close to the FHS (and use the advantenges of RPM/DEB), but one of the main questions I get is what will happen when the FS reach 100%. When everything is separated one product can’t affect another, but that costs with a lot of sysadmin overhead. Leaving everhing variale in /var makes things easy, but hold some risk.

I’d be happy to hear what other sysadmins chose to do…


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