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Status of the Firefox bug triage (and what I learned from triaging bugs)

The Firefox bug triage started a month ago, with the goal of verifying the relevance of bugs reported against the firefox package, which isn’t present any more in unstable.

From the 324 bugs I started with, 37 have been closed and 85 were verified. The latter were reassigned to the Iceweasel package and got the necessary version info. 165 bugs are still pending for verification.

Additional 37 bugs are forwarded to the Mozilla bugzilla, most of them are open for a long time. Help with forwarding more upstream bug to the bugzilla is always welcome.

The status of the triage is available at the firefox bugs’ page.

During my recent bug triages (openoffice.org, cvs, firefox), I think we need to add a “be kind to QA people” section along with the “be kind to porters” one. I encountered a few people thought the goal of the triage was to bother them than to get bugs solved (or at least ease the maintainer to attend to them).

One even got an angry reply back after complaining too much about getting an extra mail:

I must say that I don’t understand your lake of patience. So you got another mail… we all get dozens of them everyday. I invest time in doing the ugly QA work, and I don’t I deserve this attitude.

But on the other hand, I had a few people thanking for the fact that someone invested time in their reports, and others that were patient regarding a few mistakes I made.

One conclusion I have from the triage process – our DDs don’t use versioning info enough. This makes going over reports harder and more time consuming. It also harder for the maintainer to figure out if the bug is still relevant for a new version.


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Firefox bug triage

Today, I started doing the Firefox bug triage. A request to reproduce or close bugs was sent to 324 bugs’ owners. Most of the bugs were reported against Firefox version 1.5 (or lower).

As some people responded quite quickly, about 10 bugs were closed and another 10 were reproduced (or confirmed to still be relevant). The latter got reassigned to Iceweasel for further handling by the maintainer.

I hope people will continue to be responsive…

If someone wishes to follow this triage, simply look at the Firefox bugs list.


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