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FOSDEM 2008 and the art of Juggling

People have different methods to handle the overwhelming amount of lecture and events. Some just stick to one or two rooms and hear all the related issues, some goes by topic (which might be presented in different places) and I prefer to try and juggle between the lectures and try to have it all.

I’ve planned the lectures I’d like to go to, always keeping an alternative in case the first one isn’t interesting enough for me. I left some lectures early to get to other lectures (usually leaving during the Q&A parts). And some lectures even required me to arrive a bit earlier just to get a seat (especially important if you intend to stay for a few lectures in a row).

While rushing back and forth between rooms, I’ve tried to find I have questions for and people I’m interested to talk with. Moving enough at the campus usually means you’ll eventually find them.

The only problem with the whole process is that it’s consuming a lot of effort and energy during these two days, and I’m feeling exhusted by the end of FOSDEM. But the productivity of talking so many people face to face and getting new information from the lectures makes it all worthwhile.

So my advise is to try and use FOSDEM to expend your horizons instead of going to these familiar talks about stuff you probably already know enough,

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