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Hamakor, the Israeli Free Software Society, calls for the annulment of Software Patents

Following a call for submissions from the Israeli Patent Authority, the Israeli Free Software Society, Hamakor, submitted a memorandum calling for the annulment of the Software Patents. A Memorandum drafted by Adv. Jonathan J. Klinger, Hamakor’s chief legal counsel, presented a tough and strict approach claiming that software patents harm innovation and incur high legal costs on software developers.

“protecting software through patents shall provide protection on ideas, which are usually expressible in more than one manner, and shall be the beginning to a race to the bottom where every person shall register as many patents possible and incur high costs on each player in the software field”, said Klinger, and added that “the chilling effect created by the fear of using software protected by patents, be it free software or proprietary software, and incur costs on the system solely in order to purchase insurance from the theoretical patent infringement. In such case, any independent development of software without legal assistance from the first day of development shall be problematic, and deter developers from developing free software or promote innovation”.

Until recently, the Israeli patent authority rejected Software Patents and provided protection only regarding hardware (in re Eli Tamir). However, the recent call for submissions had raised the fear that software patents shall be used to deter innovation.

Currently, Israeli venture capital funds and technology evangelists often see patents as the core asset when protecting software companies from competition, which creates a race to the bottom that requires startups and innovative companies to register patents in order to raise funds. Hamakor presents, in its memorandum, a new approach focusing on people and not patents, as the core asset of the Israeli Innovation.

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A begining of an Israeli openoffice.org community ?

While issue #86811 is going to the right direction, I decided to try and use the momentum around it to unite people into an Israeli openoffice.org community.

The first thing was to start and do a little triage of RTL/CTL related bugs. A few were confirmed as existing in 2.4.0 and should be moved from UNCONFIRMED to NEW, and get re-target. I also published a list of other bugs that need confirmation and links to the complete RTL/CTL lists so other people could continue my work.

Maybe creating a meta issue to and get blocked by all other bugs will simplify the process ? I don’t know if that’s acceptable in the openoffice.org issuezilla. Although I think that is the case in Mozilla’s bugzilla.

The confirmed bugs already got some more votes, which is a good beginning, but I’d like people to do more. Next items on my todo list are documentation, and translation of version 3.0. The documentation is mostly thickening the existing Hebrew wikibook about openoffice. I’m not quite sure were to start with translation of version 3.0, although I saw quite a few translations for other languages.

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