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LibreOffice first steps

It has been 12 hours since the LibreOffice announcement, and the projects starts to do its first steps.

  1. Neil Brown had submitted the first patch to LibreOffice, after waiting for 3 years (!) while the patch was available at the openoffice.org issues system (#80637).
  2. Michael Meeks had published “Minutes of first LibreOffice technical group call“. The general plan is to accept patches (“no large / risky / de-stabilising (new) feature work”) from the community and also merge the changes already done to openoffice.org (existing CWS).
  3. The public is welcome to help cleaning the existing code, Gil Forcada already started. see the EasyHacks list for the tasks to be done.
  4. LibreOffice mirrors now also contain the source code for the beta release done in the morning.
  5. Patches are welcome at libreoffice@lists.freedesktop.org or using the Bugzilla. See “Get Involved Developing LibreOffice” for more info.

You’re welcome to join us…



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