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When Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack fails – use Openoffice.org

When my girlfriend told me her reason for installing openffice.org 3, I was happy about three issues:

  1. She started using free software willingly and knowingly (as opposed to back end software she isn’t aware of like Apache for websites).
  2. She did that because the commercial software didn’t work for here.
  3. The free software did a job she needed to.

And after that description you probably ask yourself what was the task? It was quite simple – open a Microsoft 2007 Word document in Hebrew with Microsoft Office 2000.

At first, she tried to use the “Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats“. While that Compatibility pack enabled her to open the document, the text wasn’t readable (probably becuase it was in Hebrew). She decided to download Openoffice.org version 3, which can open this file format, and after a quick installation it opened the document just fine.

So, thank you very much Openoffice.org developers (:

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How to know you’re dating a free software guy?

You can recognize you’re dating a free software guy by:

  • You know what Linux is (and not from reading the newspaper).
  • You start to recognize names of free software projects.
  • He can chat with you in whatever AIM you use (gTalk, MSN, ICQ…), and can do that simultaneously.
  • When you say windows, he mumbles something.
  • You started using Firefox.
  • You suddenly realize that the internet has a lot of standards (and a lot of application/websites not using them).
  • You started attending open source conferences.

And the #1 way is:

  • Google returns more accurate reasults about your name and linux than only about your name.

Feel free to add other methods…


For the more advanced couples:

  • You start using Linux (dual boot or just Linux)
  • You start translate / document free software applications.


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