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Continuing the 2nd Debian Openoffice.org bug triage

Short version: 155 bugs processed, 130 bugs to go

Reminder: The target of this triage is to clean all bugs not relevant for version 2.4.0 in Debian.

Openoffice.org 2.4.0 entered Lenny (testing) two weeks ago, and last week Rene created a backport for Etch (stable). This means our users can test 2.4.0 on whatever (recent) Debian version the use. So it seems like a good time to revive the 2nd Debian Openoffice.org bug triage.

The previous round ended with ~150 open bugs. After another manual scan of the bugs, the count is 130 open bugs. Seems that some people insist on replying my mails to the BTS alone and not CC me to their answers. Thank god for the “last modified X days ago” line in the BTS… otherwise I counldn’t have caught those so easily.

From the remaining 130 bugs, only 10 are marked against versions 2.3.x. Meaning we have much info to collect in this triage (or a lot of bugs to close if we fail to do so).

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