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Why does Ubuntu puts Firefox transalation in gnome’s language pack ? (2)

A day after presenting the question, seems like a user got a problem I didn’t thought of. He didn’t like Firefox 3 and decided to install Firefox 2 instead.

The problem is that he now has Firefox 2 and the translation for Firefox 3 (from the GNOME package). Same problem occurs with the Hebrew interface… The solution is to manually delete the Firefox 3 files, and than install the mozilla-firefox-locale-he-il package.

Don’t forget that this should be done on every update of the language-pack-gnome-he-base package (or any other language than Hebrew)! So who’s in favor of splitting the Firefox 3 translation to another package ?


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Why does Ubuntu puts Firefox transalation in gnome’s language pack ?

The other day, Tomer from Mozilla Israel contacted me to update me that the Israeli Ubuntu community changes the Firefox translation and doesn’t contribute the changes back. We sorted out the translation process with the Ubuntu people who were very open for comments.

After that, Tomer mentioned he sees the changed translation in Hardy. I searched for the mozilla-firefox-locale-he-il with the right version, but it seems that package is still for Firefox 2.

I checked the firefox-3.0 package itself to make sure the translations aren’t there, and indeed it only contains the en_US locale. Tomer told me he still sees the Hebrew translation but “dpkg -l | grep firefox” doesn’t give up any other related packages.

Tomer started to search his file system for the missing files, and I started to check out packages’ contents trough packages.ubuntu.com (well, I don’t run Ubuntu…). The files were found, and it seems they are part of the language-pack-gnome-he-base package.

This sound very odd to me:

  1. Why link between GNOME and Firefox? (and while doing so, leaving out Tunderbird)
  2. What about people running Kubuntu? They probably won’t have GNOME installed.
  3. The package description says that it doesn’t include the Mozilla translations:

    Please note that you should install language-support-he to get full support for this language (spell checkers, OpenOffice and Mozilla locale packages, etc.).

  4. This change creates an broken upgrade path so it doesn’t support people upgrading from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 in Ubuntu keeping their locale, as the firefox locale package doesn’t get updated, and doesn’t pull the new package.
  5. These packages were introduced about 1 week before the Hardy release. I would expect such a change be done in an earlier stage of the release…

I thought about starting to report bugs about a few of these issues, but it would be better to first hear what other people think about this.


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Debian Installer Hebrew translation reached 100% for levels 1-4

Today I noticed that the d-i translation to Hebrew reached 100% at levels 1-4 on the SVN. This is the first time it happens for levels 3-4 since I started the translation back at 2004.

Although the Hebrew translation started as a personal project, in the last 9 months I got help from several people: Amit Dovev, Baruch Even, Katriel Traum and Meital Bourvine. With this joint effort, level 1 was reviewed for typos and levels 2-3 were completed. Thanks you all.

As level 5 contains too much technical (error) messages, I decided not to invest time with its translation. So from now on it’s mainly keeping the status quo of translation rate for Hebrew…

When Christian suggested to translate d-i to Hebrew:

> Lior Kaplan
> Israel

Ahem, by the way….Hebrew installation is missing…:-)

I didn’t imagine reaching this point, as the translation started without any bidi (BiDirectional) support for d-i. Only after Debconf4 I could actually read my translations in d-i’s nightly builds:

We can also mention that hard work was made on BiDirectional languages support, mostly by Steve Langasek, which was jailed by myself for some nights in the “d-i hack lab”… :-).

Working on the translation later triggered more contribution for Debian, which later made me start the NM process. So please “blame” Christian for me becoming a DD (:

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