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New php-doc package

A month ago I uploaded a new version of php-doc, the PHP Manual. While the package waits in the NEW queue, you can download the source package from and the binary package here. The package is now available in the official archive.

The main change in this package is the license change from the Open Publication License to CC v3.0. This of course means the package is returning to main after 3 years in non-free.

The new version of the manual has reference to PHP 5.2 removes most of obsolete reference to PHP 4.x.


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The disadvantege of language packs in Ubuntu

I’ve encounterd a bug in launchpad about adding a new gnucash translation to the Hebrew language pack. Nothing out of the ordinary excepts that for every upstream translation update you should file a bug to update the language pack.

A new Hebrew tranlation was released in version 2.2.6 as part of the upstream release. In Debian the new translation appeared with the sources, but in Ubuntu, the translation is lost since it’s not in Rosetta.

As I see it, such translations are falling between the chairs, since upstream won’t check the distribution for each translations, and the users don’t check upstream’s changelog for translation changes (and only major translation changes appear on the changelog).

Another issue, the the need for Ubuntu to duplicate translation into Rosseta, although they come only from upstream (like in this case). I seems to me as a waste of time, and something that only creates problems. After such an import you can easy find an old transation ships in parallel to newer sources. What happens if many strings changes in the source ? You get many strings in English…


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