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Debian Installer Hebrew translation reached 100% for levels 1-4

Today I noticed that the d-i translation to Hebrew reached 100% at levels 1-4 on the SVN. This is the first time it happens for levels 3-4 since I started the translation back at 2004.

Although the Hebrew translation started as a personal project, in the last 9 months I got help from several people: Amit Dovev, Baruch Even, Katriel Traum and Meital Bourvine. With this joint effort, level 1 was reviewed for typos and levels 2-3 were completed. Thanks you all.

As level 5 contains too much technical (error) messages, I decided not to invest time with its translation. So from now on it’s mainly keeping the status quo of translation rate for Hebrew…

When Christian suggested to translate d-i to Hebrew:

> Lior Kaplan
> Israel

Ahem, by the way….Hebrew installation is missing…:-)

I didn’t imagine reaching this point, as the translation started without any bidi (BiDirectional) support for d-i. Only after Debconf4 I could actually read my translations in d-i’s nightly builds:

We can also mention that hard work was made on BiDirectional languages support, mostly by Steve Langasek, which was jailed by myself for some nights in the “d-i hack lab”… :-).

Working on the translation later triggered more contribution for Debian, which later made me start the NM process. So please “blame” Christian for me becoming a DD (:

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